How will I know what is happening during my child’s day?
  You are always welcome to visit or call during the day, and you will also have access to a secure real-time app on your mobile device for up-to-date information about your child’s day. Your child’s teacher will note how long he or she napped, what he or she ate for lunch today, and how well he or she is doing with potty-training. The teacher will also describe all of the fun activities that your child and his or her friends participated in, and there will always be a little note from teacher to parents regarding a special moment of your child’s day.

What is the “Super Kids Webbie Cam” system?

Super Kids Webbie Cam video system consists of a series of state-of-the-art cameras that stream to your mobile device in real time. Super Kids utilizes this safe technology to enable parents with children enrolled in our daycare facilities to see their children interact and play anytime they choose.

Click here for a preview of the Webbie Cam System.

Will my child be challenged academically at Super Kids Jr. Academy?

    I want to know that he or she is prepared for elementary school.

At Super Kids Jr. Academy we think the best academic preparation is to encourage your child’s enthusiasm for learning. Teachers who have a keen interest in your child’s success create lesson plans based on FunShine Express and Learning without Tears. By providing individual attention in a small group setting, our teachers nurture each child’s confidence. Learning to ask questions, discovering cause and effect, negotiating fair play, and making new friends are all scholastic building blocks at Super Kids Jr. Academy.    

I am familiar with the educational element available, but I wonder if Super Kids Jr. Academy is too academic? Where is the fun?
The foundation of Super Kids Jr. Academy is the core belief that children learn through play and interactive fun. This is why children at Super Kids might be learning about instruments, but what they are doing is performing in a pretend orchestra or expanding their imaginations in the creative art center, or learning to have fun playing in an impromptu group activity.

We will strive to make our environment fun for children and rewarding to parents.

I heard Super Kids Jr. Academy has a coffee house? This sounds like a strange addition to a child care facility.

Super Kids Jr. Academy is about innovations. After polling parents we found that the time available in the morning is very precious. The frustration of stopping at a “retail coffee shop” is extensive and tough with the kids in the car. Super Kids has created an environment for the parents to grab a warm inviting gourmet coffee on their way to work.

Also, while it’s quite true that few experiences can compare to sipping a fresh, hot cup of gourmet coffee, the Super Express Coffeehouse atmosphere can relax you and let you sit back and enjoy a good book. There’s no need to venture out every time you want a great cup of coffee when you can find just the right coffee here at Super Kids Jr. Academy.

Super Kids Jr. Academy has a portrait studio? What an addition to a child care facility, please tell me more.

Super Kids Jr. Academy is about innovations. After polling parents we found that the amount of money spent for portrait pictures was very high, even at the local “Super-Mart” the prices can still reach hundreds of dollars.

Super Kids will strive for very good photos at rock bottom prices. Our studio will express the perfection of the moment, the tenderness of an age, the personality of your child.

At Super Kids, we understand these important milestones and know you want to hold them forever. And we think the experience should be pleasant and the results memorable. As a leader in fun innovations, we will create digital photos that capture individual personality.